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Bee the Dream


Meet the Author that Inspires-Frances Moore

Frances Moore was born and raised in Ahoskie, NC. Frances is a first-time children's author and has always been passionate about reading and writing. It's been her dream to write a children's book.  She enjoyed ensuring that her five children were able to identify the magic in books and its unlimited opportunities. Her ability to create, educate, and inspire, guided this book from inception to completion..

    My debut children's book

    I Always Wanted a Little Sister is the prequel to Brown is a Beautiful Color. This  book embodies the beauty of sisterhood and the excited that comes  when you find out you have a little sister on the way. This book follows the journey and emotions of a little girl from when she finds out her little sister is coming, to the beautiful adventures they embark on as her little sister grows and developed. This is a heartfelt story that is bound to bring joy to those that get the pleasure of reading it. Pick up your copy on the store.


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